Email Delivery

Email marketing is now a sophisticated business, so we’ve taken a fresh approach.

We understand that you may have very specific requirements. We put you in control!

EmailFlow is first and foremost a solution for high volume email marketing, and has been designed with this in mind. At the core of our service is our high capacity email delivery platform. Our economies of scale and unique cloud based mail server technology provide the power and control you need to deliver large scale email campaigns effectively. Whilst there is an abundance of solutions for managing small lists, there are relatively few providers offering genuinely cost- effective solutions for sending large volumes of marketing emails.


Whist every plan comes with our proprietary user interface providing advanced email list management and reporting, we’re also aware that you may prefer to build your own CRM and list management system. In that case, you can use our API to integrate your own user interface with our industrial strength mail servers. No other email marketing solution offers such a level of flexibility.


When it comes to mail servers, one size does not fit all. With our unique dedicated mail server plan you have a degree of control over your mail server that is unmatched by any other email marketing solution. Our advanced control panel allows you to adjust many of the settings that other providers hide away from you. We provide you with direct access to adjust mail queue sizes, re-try frequency, bounce configuration and delivery throttling. Interrogate mail server logs for each individual email. You can also adjust standard settings for individual ISP handling – no other provider will allow you this level of control.


Normally you will find help & support is an afterthought with most Internet businesses. Not for us – support is top of our list of priorities. We go out of our way to help and support your use of our service. We want to make sure you get the most out of it. In a competitive market, the quality of a company’s support is what sets it apart from others. Don’t hang your hat on a service that fails to look out for the needs of their customers, and there are plenty around!

Feature Set

EmailFlow boasts a large feature set to give you more flexibility than most. Our key philosophy is that features have to be useful. It’s easy to overload a system with lots of marginal features, but too many features can lead to the overall product becoming harder to use.


Most business people don’t have the time to learn every little detail about an unnecessarily complex service. That’s why the service you choose needs to be easy enough for you to be able to start creating successful campaigns right away. With EmailFlow there’s no steep learning curve.


Email marketing services are nothing without their email campaign creation options. EmailFlow gives you the option to create several different kinds of campaigns and even customise existing ones if you want to. Customers don’t want to see the same email campaign stretch on for months at a time, so it’s important that you mix it up once in a while.

Campaign Reporting

You’re not going to know if your email campaign was a success unless you’re given accurate statistical representation of this process. Our reporting tools provide this key information. Once your emails have been despatched you need to know who has interacted with your email by opening it and clicking on links. EmailFlow has ample campaign reporting options. Never be in the dark about your campaign’s progress again.