Meet The Team

Meet The Team

The teams behind EmailFlow and its parent company Jordan Marketing Ltd have worked in the email and online marketing industry since 2005.
Our key services include the provision of Email Delivery, Email Campaign Management, Design and Email Verification with additional services including White Label Email Delivery Applications and SMTP Delivery Services. We currently have a small, but growing team of 8 key people across 2 office sites in London and Gloucestershire, here’s a quick overview…


GREG is our Head of Sales & Business Development and works with a variety of clients at EmailFlow, helping to build accurate and targeted email marketing campaigns that deliver results. Greg is one of our Co-Founders, and in his spare time he’s a keen rugby player.


KELLY is one of our key members of the Sales Support Team at EmailFlow and works with clients to ensure that email-marketing campaigns are delivered promptly and accurately through out the month. Kelly has been with team just over a year, and enjoys the lead generation aspect of email marketing.


GEMMA works alongside Greg in our Business Development Team helping to introduce new clients to the growing range of email marketing services offered at EmailFlow. Gemma has a three-year long background in SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing.


JONATHAN is our Head of Technical Development at EmailFlow, and is the architect behind the EmailFlow Email Delivery Platform. Jonathan is highly experienced in the development of software application products.


GARETH is a key member of our Technical Development Team and works closely with Jonathan, helping to maintain the accuracy of our email marketing lists. Gareth has vast experience in online system development, and is constantly developing new email marketing and survey applications.


HAYLEIGH is our Head of Marketing & Design and has in depth knowledge of HTML and coding. Hayleigh personally handles the design and creation of all our bespoke email campaign designs as requested by our clients to ensure all clients’ campaigns are designed to the high quality and expectations of our clients.


DAVID is one of our newest members of our Marketing & Design Team and works closely with Hayleigh on the design and concept of client email marketing campaigns. With a collective 15 years of experience in Multimedia & Interactive Design, David has plenty of knowledge to call upon when creating fresh new campaign designs for our clients.


MIRIAM is our Head of Accounts and keeps on top of all accounting matters here at EmailFlow. Assembling the giant jigsaw that is EmailFlow’s accounts, Miriam relishes the challenge of matching up every penny when it comes to invoices, VAT and our general accounting.